Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gorgeous old Home Comfort cookstove

Have had several stoves in the store, but never one with a copper top like this one. Two little doors slide up to keep food warm. Patent date of late 1880's. Has brackets on side for a copper water reservoir tub, but the tub is missing. This requires a little cleaning. The front is nickel and a polishing may be just what this needs. The stove is just about 5 feet tall and 33-1/2 inches across and 30 inches front to back. What a beautiful piece to use as a display!

Very unusual pedestals with tools for shoe maker

Hard to get good photos, but these pedestals are just beautiful! They could easily be repurposed into a lamp or table base. Hollow wood pedestals have tools attached. One is a form for holding shoe for cobbling. The other must have held a shoe as well, and may be missing a part, but cool look. The taller of the two is 38 inches and the smaller of the two is 26 inches tall. The pedestals themselves are approx. 7-1/2 by 7-1/2 and have old off white paint. There is also a box full of old leather soles, mostly small sized, for children. There are a few misc. cobbler parts that came with the pedestals. Marked GH Smith Lowell Mass.

Small keg

Forgot to measure this, but it's nice and sturdy and has a great look! SOLD!

Very rusty hanging scale

With it's rusty old pan, this scale would make a great birdfeeder hanging from a porch, just fill the tin with seed! Love the red face, which is also rusted. The pan has a diameter of 10 inches, the scale face has a diameter of 8-1/2 inches and the scale is 23 inches tall from top hanging loop to bottom of pan. SOLD!

Old wooden trunk lined with galvanized metal.

Marked on top, front, sides E.H.E. & Co. This cool wooden trunk may have been used as an ice chest. There is a galvanized lining and a hole in center for draining. This measures 37 by 16 and stands 19 inches tall. SOLD!

Rusted wire bird cage

Found a lot of items this week, but this is one of my favorites! This would look great with a crow inside, and perfect for Halloween! The hinges are missing a bar on one side, so it does not swing open and shut properly, but top can be placed on bottom and it will stay. The cage is 16 inches tall and 9 by 9 inches square. SOLD!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rustic and shabby, just the way I like 'em!

Rustic charm gives this small imperfect table perfect character. Great old blue paint with traces of red. I did not measure anything out there, but this is on the smaller size. SOLD!

Fantastic wooden form sweater stretcher

photos don't do this justice! Old wooden form for sweater stretching by Best and CO. New York. Still has drying instructions and original label for price. Very cool with a great prim look! SOLD!

Junior says "Hook me up!!!!"

Unique little metal framed goat cart with wooden seat and foot rest. The wheels are not original to the cart. This also comes with a bin of harnesses, including this adorable goat collar. I would love to put Junior to work, but he's really too much of a diva to do any manual labor!

Tiny battery operated lantern

This is very small, maybe 4 inches tall. I forgot to measure anything today! Marked Japan on base. We put batteries in and it works! This is about the size of a skater's lantern, but battery operated, not kerosene. So cute!

Wooden shoe rack on wheels

I love the way these look in my store, and they make a great display. This one is in excellent condition with no broken slats. I believe it came from a shoe factory in Exeter, NH. There are some graphics on both side slats, which is hard to read, but I think it may say heels? SOLD!

Repurposers!! A perfect birdbath!

This brass and copper colored metal bowl is 15 inches in diameter. If you have a cool wooden or metal post, this would make a fabulous birdbath! Circa late 1950's SOLD!