Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Very cool old dome top trunk

Made with square nails, and covered on outside with heavy paper. Inside is lined with old newspapers, one is dated 1863. Two sets of hinges on lid, one leather and one metal. Bottom is a bit rough, but this has a fabulous look to it! Measures 24-1/2 by 12 and 12 inches tall. Sold!

Great paint on this large wood box

This would make a great tall coffee table. Lots of room inside for storage too! This measures 21-3/4 by 36 inches and stands 29 inches tall. has the initials WFM painted on lid. SOLD!

1940's Keystone toy fire department

Well loved little toy fire department. Has a crank on side that still rings firehouse bell. This is 16 by 9 inches and stands 8 inches tall.

Gorgeous little piano stool

This little stool is in excellent condition. Claw and ball feet, seat rises and lowers. Back is beautifully tapered from a width of 15 inches at top down to only 8 at bottom. Chair stands 36 inches tall.

Cute and chippy cupboard with open shelves

I don't think this ever had a back as there are no nail holes. Open shelves and chippy paint. Great little bookcase or display on a tabletop. This measures 23-1/2 inches across, 8 inches deep and 34 inches tall. Sold!

Large University speaker horn

This old speaker horn has a great look, with what appears to be some advertising painted on front. There is a space for telephone number, but one was not added. This is 15-1/2 inches in diameter and is 19 inches long.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Buggy seat

We are restoring an old sleigh and I hoped this would fit the sleigh to use as the seat, but it was just a little too big. The back is missing some of it's padded backrest stuffed with straw. I thought about removing the rest of it, and it would have just had a wooden rest. I decided to leave it in case the new owner wanted to reupholster it. These make a great display. The metal bar on the right hand side has become detached from the seat. It can still be propped up in place, but the weld is broken. This measures 39 by 21 and stands 22 inches tall at back. SOLD!

It's deer head Deja vu!

We had a couple of these a short while ago and sold them right away. We then saw these two over the weekend. I love them, they are so weird and unique! These are taxidermy forms made of paper mache and this would be the base for a deer head mount. They are marked 12 and 13 in a couple of places, which I am guessing is the measurement from head to neck? These have little wire hangers for a very unusual hanging display. SOLD!

1970's Lusse bumper car project

Fell in love with this at the swap meet! As we were wheeling it out on our cart piled with other items, everyone we passed was saying how cool it was. Makes us feel like we made a good decision to buy it! This is ready to restore or just display as is. Barry vetoed my idea of putting a skeleton in it, but it would have been neat! They are repurposing these into little driveable golf cart type vehicles now. This measures approx. 31 by 64 inches and is 23 inches tall at windshield. What a fun restoration project, and you just don't see these for sale very often. Body is fiberglass. Made by Lusse Company.

Rolling industrial table

Great table on wheels looks like it may have come from a school science lab. Top is scarred from use. One slatted shelf beneath. This table measures 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep and stands 34 inches tall. Sold!

Wooden rudder

Wonderful wooden rudder makes a fabulous nautical display! Rudder is 24 inches long and 8-1/2 inches wide. Handle is 35 inches long with small extension piece. Sold!

Artist's sketch box easel

Not old but cool! This is in excellent like new condition. If you have an aspiring artist on your gift list, here is the perfect gift to get them started! Sketch box opens from back or slides out in front to access paint and supplies. Comes with pallete, and folds up nice and compactly for travel to a painting site! Sold!