Monday, April 14, 2014

Rustic workbench

This obviously had drawers at one time, but boards could be added for some shelving instead. One side of top has metal plate covering. Back rack has holes for tools. Still a cool look, but could be added to if desired. This measures 25 by 65 inches and stands 37 inches tall.

Buggy seat bench

How cool is this? My favorite thing ever! Top is an old buggy seat added to the bench for a fantastic display. This bench would be awesome with jugs or buckets on it. This measures 38 inches by 15 inches and stands 37 inches tall. SOLD!

Hand carved wall hanging from tree trunk

This guy just had to come home with me to the Cabin! He fits right in! Back is rough bark and front is very detailed and hand carved with some staining to accent. This measures 13 inches across and 31 inches tall.SOLD!

An assortment of screens

Five assorted colors, whites and grays and green. Average size is approx. 12-1/2 by 33-1/2 inches.

Vintage wicker chair

Nice and sturdy, with comfy cushions. Also available, is the little wicker footstool. Pretty on a porch!SOLD!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Old and rustic dry sink

This is so cool and I just love the look of it! This has been repaired over the years. Original construction was one wide pine board on ends, front sides, and front door. Due to aging some of the boards have cracked and this has been repaired. Old square nails but also some regular old rusty nails where repairs needed. The back was tongue and groove with square nails, but coming apart as the wood shrank, and nailed back together for a tight fit. Top has a hole for draining, and shelf below had a hole too, but a small board was tacked on to cover the hole, thought it does pivot so the hole can be used! Fantastic look, and very rustic. This measures 39-1/2 by 19 inches at widest point, which is the top sink area, and stands 36 inches tall. SOLD!

Champion Asparagus Buncher

Made by the Champion Co. these were used to bundle asparagus. Great primitive look with old green paint! SOLD!

A few wooden smalls

Two spools, one large masher that stands 17 inches tall, and two wooden food boxes. The large Valio cheese box, and a smaller divided Fleischmann's dry yeast box. Yeast box is SOLD!

Primitive Vise

This is designed to bolt to a workbench or table. Large turn screws in front open and close top clamps.

Another tool tote!

Cool handle on this one! Painted green and divided in half, this wooden tote measures 19-1/2 by 11-3/4 and stands 5-1/2 inches tall! SOLD!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Was a tomato crate but was made into an egg crate

I love this piece! Formerly was a tomato crate and then little cardboard egg holders were added. There is a little tag inside that reads please fasten latch after use. Something must have been getting at the eggs! This measures 13-1/2 by 14 inches and stands 12 inches tall.SOLD!