Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Each week I show a few highlights on website. But I also continuously add smalls. On an average weekend, 50-100 new items come in. I often buy throughout the weekend or take from my storage areas. So, there is always something new to find, like this sample of some smalls new for the week!

bowls and spool of twine are sold!

The old A & P grocery cart

Wooden cart used in A&P grocery stores. Made by the United Box and Basket Company. This measures 20 by 27 by 18 inches tall. Love the old graphics, front and back. Has canvas handles. SOLD!

My favorite find of the week! Brass and coppertone lavabo

Wall hanging lavabo used for washing hands, often in churches. I had just seen one of these online a few days ago planted with flowers and then I find this one! Made in the United Arab Republic. A union between Egypt and Syria that only lasted from 1958-1961. Two pieces hang separately, and could be planted with flowers as shown. Water tank is 15 inches tall and the basin is 13 inches wide. Sorry for any confusion, the white piece with flowers is there just to show how this might be used for planting. I do not have the white piece!

Wonderful old water pump!

This is one of those things that the pictures don't do justice to. Must be seen in person to appreciate the unique qualities of this piece! Hollowed from one piece of wood and has lovely stenciling on all sides. Old iron spigot. The pump handle bracket has been replaced and may have been metal at one time. Very cool, and would make a fantastic garden piece or displayed indoors to protect the wood! This is very tall, well over six feet tall.

Minty green bookcase

Totally forgot to measure this one, but love the color! Has some room under the shelves for storing a larger object, like the trunk shown.

Handy folding drying rack

Folds up nice and neat to make for compact storage. Perfect for poolside towel drying or indoors for things that can't go in dryer. Also makes a nice linen display in a shop! SOLD!

Canvas coal tote

These were used to haul about 30 pounds of coal to houses, carried on back of coal man. This 18 inches tall and has a diameter of 21 inches.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Primitive berry drying tray

Two rows of metal grids allow air to circulate through to dry berries. Fantastic look with the red paint on outside edges. This could hang on the wall or use as a display on counter or table. Measures 19 by 11 and is 2-1/2 inches thick.

Very interesting tin and wooden door

This seems to have been used as the lid for something, maybe a refrigerated bin? Tin on one side with fabulous rusty patina. The other side is wooden and covered with old wallpaper. Also has amazing strap hinges. This is heavy and measures 16 by 50 inches and the door is 2 inches thick.

Wooden Necco candy bucket

I think I might have to collect these one day! This wooden Necco bucket held 30 lbs of Royal Chocolates. Bale handle and is in excellent shape! Stands 12 inches tall and has a diameter of 13-1/2 inches. SOLD!

A couple of totes and some large spools

Small tote is a make do built with crate parts. No graphics on outside, only inside. This has a little carrying handle and measures 14 by 7 and stands 3-1/4 inches tall. The other is 20 by 12 and stands 12 inches tall at top of handle.

Large rustic clam basket

Made of wood and screen. This old clam basket still has some traces of red on ends. This measures 12 by 17-1/2 and stands 14 inches tall. SOLD!